Funny You Should Ask — Praise


Funny You Should Ask

“In her adult debut, Sussman creates a story that’s thrilling wish fulfillment with a dash of wistful melancholy. The conversations between Chani and Gabe sparkle with all the charm of The Philadelphia Story, the movie the two of them initially bond over.  A slow-burn romance full of passion, yearning, and behind-the-scenes Hollywood details.”

– Kirkus, starred review

“The result is a sexy, sometimes emotionally fraught tale that is both funny and romantic and that will appeal to fans of Sophie Kinsella.”

– Booklist

“You will absolutely devour this book. It’s filled with delightful banter, hot romance, and a love story that’s worthy of the big screen.”

– Kate Spencer, author of In A New York Minute and host of Forever35

Funny You Should Ask is the kind of fascinating, intimate character study that feels like reading about real people. A breezy, addictive romance – I couldn’t put it down!”

– Rachel Lynn Solomon, author of The Ex Talk and Weather Girl

Funny You Should Ask is a smart, sensitive story full of love and longing – not to mention a totally swoon worthy hero. It’s also a page-turning peek into the celebrity machine. Framed by one infamous weekend and its fallout, the book goes beyond the glossy surface to thoughtfully tackle questions of perception versus reality, and which can hurt more: the limitations other people place on us, or the ones we place on ourselves.”

– Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan, bestselling authors of The Royal We and The Heir Affair

“Elissa Sussman’s adult debut promises a glamorous celeb romp, but offers a double whammy with thoughtful, emotional depth. As the narrative jumps back and forth in time, the truth of what happened between Gabe and Chani unfolds and a romance blooms – cautious, sweet, and sizzling with tension. A beautiful, heartfelt love story that I couldn’t put down.”

– Maurene Goo, author of
Somewhere Only We Know
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