Funny You Should Ask

Told in chapters that alternate between Chani and Gabe’s first meeting and their reunion ten years later, this deliciously fun novel will have readers impatiently asking: will they, or won’t they?

Funny You Should Ask

Then. Twenty-something writer Chani Horowitz had profiled celebrities before, but this was different. Movie star Gabe Parker was different. And what started off as a standard interview turned into a weekend-long escapade that may or may not have included a fling. Chani wrote about the encounter—most of it, anyway—and the article went viral. Gabe’s career skyrocketed and Chani moved from her hometown of Los Angeles to New York City, to marry “The Novelist” and make her name in the literary world. She didn’t think about Gabe. Much.

Now. It’s been ten years, and Chani is back in Los Angeles, getting over her failed marriage. When Gabe Parker’s PR team requests that Chani interview Gabe about his remake of The Philadelphia Story, divorce from starlet Jacinda Lockwood, and stints in rehab, Chani wants to say no. She’s wants to pretend that she doesn’t remember much about that fateful long weekend. But the truth is that those three days, even after all these years, are suspended in time—utterly sexy and crystal clear. And so, she says yes.

Arriving spring 2022 from Ballantine Books

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