Drawn That Way

DRAWN THAT WAY is an Own Voices story about ambitious girls, first loves, and finding yourself in a world determined to shut you out.

Drawn That Way

Hayley Saffitz knows exactly what she wants. She’s confident, ambitious, and hell-bent on following in the footsteps of her hero – renowned director, Bryan Beckett.

When she’s given a spot in his once-in-a-lifetime summer program, Hayley is determined to impress. She plans to earn one of the internship’s four directing opportunities, dazzling her idol with her brilliance and determination.

But when all four of the program’s coveted director roles are awarded to boys—including Bryan Beckett’s son, Bear—Hayley can’t ignore the sexism that permeates the studio at large.

Despite his obvious apathy for the internship, Hayley soon realizes that there’s more to Bear than she expected. As they work together, the animosity between them soon thaws into undeniable chemistry and maybe something more. But Hayley can’t stop thinking about the chance she was refused. 

Determined to make a name for herself, Hayley recruits the five other young women in the internship to work on their own short film – endangering her standing with Bryan and in the internship.

Will Hayley conform to the wishes of the person she’s spent her life idolizing, or will she risk her relationship with Bear – and her future in animation – to prove that she’s exactly as talented as she thinks she is?

Arriving fall 2021 from Simon & Schuster for Young Readers

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