Book Recommendation: THE ABSOLUTELY TRUE DIARY OF A PART TIME INDIAN by Sherman Alexie

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I read this book in one sitting.

Now, I’m a fairly fast reader. In elementary school, I actually got in trouble quite a bit for speed reading – I would be so excited to get to the end of the book that sometimes I would accidentally skip sentences and miss huge, important details. So I had to learn to read more carefully, but I still have a pretty speedy reading pace, especially with books I’m really enjoying.

But even if you’re not a speed reader, this book is a quick read and really, really hard to put down.

Junior is a compelling narrator, peppering his stories with sketches and drawings, finding humor is some truly tragic circumstances. I loved every character in this book, from our wonderfully awkward protagonist to his supportive, yet struggling family as well as both of his two (very different) best friends.

And it’s a story that’s both familiar and unique, which are my favorite kinds of stories. We’ve all felt awkward and out of place and lonely, yet Junior’s story and sense of self is also a reflection of the way Native Americans have been treated in our country. The stories Junior tells about himself and his community are sad, but there’s also anger there. And that anger is important. The stories are important.

Recommended for: everyone. No really. Everyone.

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