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Book Recommendation: ASH by Malinda Lo


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If it’s not already evident, let me restate the obvious: I love fairy tales. And I love a good fairy tale retelling, which is exactly what ASH is.

Cinderella is an incredibly popular story. There have been tons of variations on the well-known fairy tale, so making one that stands out is not an easy task. ASH takes the story we know and completely turns it on its head. In this version Cinderella isn’t interested in the prince, instead she falls in love with his huntress. It’s a beautiful story that expands our (sometimes small) fairy tale bubble to include people that are often left out.

Not only am I a huge fan of ASH, but I am a big admirer of its author. Malinda Lo is one my favorite bloggers and she’s an absolutely invaluable resource for writers, especially those looking to expand their bubble.

Check out her website here!

Recommended for: lovers of romance and fantasy.