Getting Published Part Three: The Publisher (OR how I ended up crying at the end of my driveway)

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After signing with my agent, we began the four-month process of getting STRAY ready to be seen by publishers. Every author/agent relationship is unique and the main reason I wanted to sign with my agent, is because she is extremely editorial and hands-on.

As I’ve said before, publishing is a very long process. I had already done several revisions of STRAY before I signed with my agent, so I was feeling very confident in its readiness. Ha! My first editorial email took the wind right out of those sails.

I don’t know how other writers react to feedback, but I usually go through the follow stages:

  1. Notes? I don’t need no stinking notes!
  2. Wait, yes, you make a good point.
  3. Oh god, my book is a mess. I’ll never be able to address these very reasonable and smart notes.
  4. Hey, I just got an idea on how to fix the story.
  5. Dear Agent, I fixed the book. Thank you for the notes.

We did that about three times and then it was time to go out on submission. I turned STRAY over to my agent and tried not to think about it.

Then, a few weeks later she called.

Now, my agent and I usually communicate through email so when I saw her call, I had a pretty good idea that it was something important so I immediately ran out of my house.

Side note: I have really bad cellphone reception in my home so if I want to make sure the other person on the line can hear everything that I’m saying, I have to walk to the end of my driveway until I’m basically in the street. Hence, immediately running out of my house.

And since we communicate primarily through email, when I saw that she was calling, I knew whatever she was going to say, I needed to make sure I heard it clearly.

One of the first things my agent had asked me during “the call” was if there were any books I had read and loved recently. I told her that I had just finished Heather Dixon’s ENTWINED and was totally obsessed with it (and still am). So when she told me that Greenwillow Books, the same house that had published ENTWINED was interested in STRAY, I got pretty damn excited (and still am). Then she said things like “two book deal” and “hardcover” and that’s how I ended up crying (happily!) at the end of my driveway.

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