Book Recommendation: SIX-GUN SNOW WHITE by Catherynne M. Valente

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Obviously it doesn’t take much convincing to get me to read a fairy tale retelling. Simply say “fairy tale retelling” and chances are I’m already halfway through. Mention there’s an unusual setting or twist to the story and I’m nearly done.

Such was the case with SIX-GUN SNOW WHITE. It’s a delicious morsel of a book, one that re-imagines Snow White as a half white, half-Crow girl growing up during the Old West.

Valente’s writing is wonderful, dark and mystical and the story she tells is familiar, yet completely new. Her Snow White is thusly named because of a cruel joke, a reminder from her stepmother that she will never belong in either of the worlds she comes from. Snow White grows from a shut-in little girl to a dusty gun-slinger, meeting a passel of fascinating characters along the way.

It’s a short book (some might even call it a novella) so settle in for a spell and enjoy.

Recommended for: fans of magical realism and guns.


3 responses on “Book Recommendation: SIX-GUN SNOW WHITE by Catherynne M. Valente

  1. The Literary Omnivore

    I’m really impressed by Valente’s work. I’ve only read one or two things by her, this included, but her command of language, her concepts, and her characters’ voices are stellar. My only quibble is that Six-Gun Snow White fizzles towards the end, but what a wonderful ride it is.

    1. The Literary Omnivore

      Whoops! I misspoke; I’ve only read this, although for some reason I thought I’d read a short story by her. This is why I keep a reading journal—my memory is not that great! But I do have Deathless on my desk right now, which I’m very much looking forward to.

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