Book Recommendation: FANGIRL by Rainbow Rowell


FANGIRL_CoverDec2012Today’s Tea: Vanilla Rooibos 

This is a book for the socially awkward. For the late bloomers. For the fangirls.

I was a lot like Cath in college. While I didn’t read a lot of fanfiction, I watched a lot of animated movies and avoiding things like parties and “socializing”. FANGIRL perfectly captured a lot of my college experiences, except of course there was a lack of Levis, Cath’s totally adorable love interest.

I devoured FANGIRL. There was something to love about every character from Cath’s badass roommate Reagan, to her anxiety-ridden father, to her twin sister Wren who’s trying to find her own identity during their first year at school. Everyone was flawed and engaging and wonderful.

And the romance. Oh, the romance is wonderful! Sweet and lovely and funny. I absolutely adored Levi with his bitable chin and receding hairline.

Recommended for: people who were weirdoes in college. And past college.

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